February 3, 2011

Sliding Panels Instead of Cabinet Doors?

I saw this photo yesterday on Home Design Find.  I love it.  Why?  For several reasons:

1.  Eclectic mix of classic with modern elements
2.  Ovens & shelving recessed into walls rather than cabinets
3.  Cool industrial butcher block cart (possibly a DIY-worthy project?)
4.  Open shelf base cabinets with roll-outs 
5.  Carrera marble countertops & backsplash
6.  Classic apron sink

But what caught my eye the most is the sliding framed glass panels in front of the wall shelves!  And the ceiling-mounted hardware!  Note how the panels don't cover everything on the shelves, BUT, because they sit on a different plane in front of the shelves, and because the glass is lightly textured to obscure the objects behind it, the panels completely distract you from the contents of the shelves themselves.  I love this concept as an alternative to wall cabinets.