February 23, 2011

Rust-Oleum Transformations: Another DIY option

Recently, Rust-Oleum flew 10 design bloggers to New Orleans for a hands-on workshop to introduce their new line called Transformations.   I read about it on Apartment Therapy.

Cabinet Transformations
I've talked about painting cabinets before.  But now achieving the look of stained & glazed wood doesn't seem so impossible for an amateur DIY homeowner.  The Cabinet Transformations kit comes in 70 different colors.  The website claims "no stripping, no sanding, no priming" (although in the FAQ section they do recommend a Zinsser Primer if using raw wood).  They claim it works on all wood, melamine, and laminate surfaces.

Here's a before & after cabinet photo from their website:

Countertop Transformations:

This is a simple (yet messy) kit that covers existing laminate countertops (also claims to work on wood or metal trim) using 3 layers:  1)  Adhesive base coat, 2) Decorative Color Chips, and 3)  Protective Coating.

It is currently only available in these colors:

Here's a before/after countertop photo from their website:

I haven't used this product, and only know info from the bloggers' opinions and from Rust-Oleum's website.
But it sounds like a great product and I'd be willing to try it (maybe it's finally time to do something with the honey oak that I despise so much in my kitchen and bathroom?)  I sure wish Rust-Oleum would use me as a guinea pig with their product...