October 22, 2015

Living Room Makeover

We definitely have a wide variety of projects right now.  Our projects include new builds, remodels, furnishings, and even a few commercial projects.  Styles range from historic period styles to transitional to modern.  And each project is challenging and exciting in its own way.

This particular client was moving into a new (empty) home with simple yet very traditional details, so we had a blank canvas to work with.  While we did miscellaneous projects throughout the whole house, the main focus was the Living Room.  We had to work with the existing fireplace and wall sconces (perhaps they will be part of Phase 2?), and the layout of the room was a bit challenging.

Here's what it looked like before:

We painted, added hardwood floors, built a pass-through into the Kitchen, and furnished the space.  We incorporated some of the client's existing furniture (bookcase, bar stools, etc.) and they added the finishing touches from their own accessories and extensive art collection.

The client also wanted drapery in the bay window, which was a tight space.  We opted for stationary panels in a lightweight linen that blended well with the wall color, to avoid too much bulk.

Before photo of the bay window:

And after:

The client gave us a lot of freedom, and she trusted us to make it happen.  Because of this, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget, with little added stress for the client.  And it looks great.