June 25, 2013

Dwell on Design - Best Impressions

Last week I had the chance to visit Los Angeles for the ASID Leadership Conference, in conjunction with Dwell on Design (that's me on the far right).

While the conference was filled with ASID seminars preparing us for our leadership roles within our chapters (I'll be President of the ASID Intermountain Chapter starting in October), we also had some time to wander the show floor for design inspiration.

I had so much to see in a short amount of time, but I thought I would post some of the things that stood out most to me, whether it was for their great design or their colorful imagery.

1.  Miele's limited edition white appliances.  I heard rumors of their new white appliances on twitter, and was thrilled to see them in person.

2.  Miele's flush-mount gas cooktop

3.  Wet Style's tub made of WETMAR BIO - an eco-friendly thermo-insulating material made primarily from a mix of soy and mineral stone. 

4.  Shared booth by WhyrHymer and Semi-Handmade.  WhyrHymer showcased some great custom light fixtures / works of art, and Semi-Handmade showed off their custom door fronts designed to fit on ikea cabinet boxes.  I met John online a few years ago when I came across his product and posted about it here.  It was great to meet him in person and to see how well his business plan is working!

5.  House Fifty Two.  Aside from being an attractive booth full of geometric pattern and pops of color, I met Erin Adams, the designer, and got to see her passion and excitement first hand.  Their products include coordinating wallpaper, tile, and fabrics.  But when I say coordinating, I mean they complemented each other nicely without being identical "matchy-matchy" patterns.

6.  Stikwood.  This product has SO many possibilities!  It's essentially a peel & stick wood.  That's it.  Just peel and stick.  But it's real wood - not a fake wood-look imposter.  The photo below shows part of their newer reclaimed flooring series.  They've converted their own industrial scraps into a really cool geometric pattern suitable for flooring or walls.

7.  Range hoods keep evolving into decorative fixtures, as shown in the Sphera hoods from Best by Broan.

8.  Dacor's new WineStation, designed for residential use.  This unit will keep opened bottles of wine fresh and ready for up to 60 days.

9.  Hansgrohe - I simply just love the modern-yet-classic lines of this Axor faucet.

10.  JC Penney is stepping it up with new lines from Jonathan Adler and Michael Graves! (sorry about the blurry photo)

11.  I lost the contact info for this company, but these mountain hooks are begging to be placed in a Park City home.  And their custom storage units in materials such as chocolate bamboo deserve a good home too!  (I will post their info once I find it.)

12.  If you read my blog, you know that I'm obsessed with outlet and switch cover options . Lutron did not disappoint.

13.  Walker Zanger tile never ceases to amaze me.  They were a sponsor of our ASID Leadership Conference, and I love my new notebook with the tagline "What will you create?"  As noted in the speech given by their rep, they are a company dedicated celebrating and inspiring all designers, which is evident in their social media sites.