October 31, 2013

Norwalk Fabric & Design Trends, Part 1: Black is Back

I recently did a guest post on Utah Style & Design about upcoming fabric & design trends from Norwalk Furniture, presented by Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett of HB2.
There were 5 trends presented.  I highlighted each of them in my guest post (see it here), and thought I'd elaborate on each one separately on my blog, with images of furniture examples produced by Norwalk.

Black is Back

"After 3 years of homage to all things grey, its more intense cousin, black is back with full intensity.  Combined most effectively with bright white, and exploring the drama of line and graphic outline, black and white pairings dominated the fashion runways in 2012/2013.  At home this chic combination provides a neutral background for a pop of incandescent hot positive color.  We like to make that color pop close to a neon hue -- think acid green, passion pink, or electric blue for a sleek modern decor that is sure to energize."

Examples:  (Note that while this focus was on pink as an accent color, there are many other bold options for accents.)

Next Up:  "Luxury Neutrals"