May 28, 2015

Duplex Remodel - Before, During, and Present

Well, it sure has been a while since I've posted anything here... Here's why:

This little guy is almost 3 months old, which means my wonderful yet exhausting maternity leave is nearly over! 

The other reason I haven't been posting:  Our remodel.  I'm calling this post "before, during, and present" rather than "before, during, and after" because we're not quite to the after part yet, and I'm not sure when we will be now that there's a baby around.  But I didn't want to wait 5 years before posting anything, so I'm showing you where we're at right now rather than waiting for perfection (which realistically will probably never happen).

I tried to track progress with photos taken from the front door throughout the project.  Take a look, and scroll to the bottom to see the mostly-finished product!


Wall Demo:

Arch Demo:

Demo mostly done.  New walls framed:

Drywall / Plaster patch: 


Patio door installed (we obviously did this in the wrong order!).  Painting Prep:

Paint done.  Cabinets & trim installed:

Countertops installed.  Appliances delivered.  Believe it or not, this was the morning of moving day:

End of moving day:


*I will get better photos of this later, as this is pretty poor quality / color.  The back door lets in so much light that it's hard to photograph during the day!

December 31, 2014

Annual Review - 2014

It's become a tradition of mine to take some time at the end of a year to think about all the year has brought.  I find it's therapeutic in a way, and it helps me focus on everything that has been accomplished, rather than stressing about everything that still needs to be done (which is my normal everyday way of operating).

For starters, enzy design had the opportunity to be involved in some great projects in the past year.  Here's a small sample:

We took part in Fashion Remix and designed this beautiful dress out of LIVE flowers!

I was a Regional Winner for Design for a Difference.  This means I got to spend a few days on the Operation Breakthrough Makeover in Kansas City.  I gotta say - this trip was more meaningful than I ever expected.

Operation Breakthrough

Not only did I get to experience the shock on the faces of the staff, moms, and kids who get to use this new space, but I also developed an amazing bond with some amazing women.  How we became so close in such a short amount of time is impossible to explain, but I love these women dearly and can't wait to see them again in January!

Hollie, me, Dani, & Lucy with Mark Brunetz

As regional winner, I had the opportunity to work with the Salt Lake Bicycle Collective, a local charity that I have a ton of respect for.  This work is still in progress, however you can already see a big impact just in the addition of the bright adventurous color we added to the shop wall.  While not a large scale project at this time, I hope to continue our relationship for further projects down the road.

On a more personal note... 2014 was significant in many ways.

We bought a house and sold a house and are currently remodeling a house!
Here's our big ongoing project:



How it looks today.  

One month to go before we move in!

Last but not least... For over a year (following a miscarriage), I had been experiencing severe debilitating lower back pain, and nobody could determine the cause.  I tried massage, structural integration, acupuncture, an MRI, cortizone shot, and several types of doctors (general medicine, OBGYN, midwife, back specialist, physical therapist) and was getting nowhere.  Finally in December of 2013 my OBGYN at the time threw out the word "endometriosis" as a possible diagnosis via process-of-elimination.  Not being familiar with the term, I looked it up and was shocked that it described all my symptoms nearly perfectly.  Frustrated that this doctor couldn't determine something so obvious sooner, and frustrated that he had spent months downplaying my symptoms and telling me I simply had "bad cramps", and frustrated by the infertility and lost time caused by this disease (not to mention the unbearable pain that was robbing me of weeks of my life!), I sought out another doctor.  This doctor was able to diagnose me instantly.  He performed surgery a few weeks later and I felt instant relief.  I'm not telling this story to share TMI, but I'm telling it because I've since learned that endo occurs in 1 out of 10 women, yet few people are aware of it and many who have it don't like to talk about it.  More awareness means better/quicker diagnosis, better research, and possibly someday a cure.

The happy ending to this story is that 2 months after the surgery we got pregnant!  Little "Mini Mike" is due in March of 2015.  Which means 2015 will be a new year full of new experiences.

I'm looking forward to my 2015.  I hope you are too!

Happy New Year!

September 1, 2014

Taking "Labor" Day to a Whole New Level

We officially started demo today!  And thanks to some wonderful friends (+ my father-in-law) we made HUGE progress!

Let's start again with the dreadful "Before" photo:

Here's what happened today.  We only stopped because we ran out of dumpster space!

And some history revealed in layers of wallpaper:

Thanks to Steven, Danielle, Steve, Bri, Lee, Dave, and Jill!

August 25, 2014

Planning My Own Kitchen Remodel

So, we're selling our beautiful home and moving into a "new" place, which is actually a 1950's home that is a bit of a dump:

The reason I'm not completely depressed about this is because it's allowing us, for the first time, to take on a large remodel of our own.  I've been helping others with their remodels for years, and I've done plenty of smaller projects in the various homes I've owned, but never something of this scale.

I recently gave tips on Utah Style & Design for finding good deals on renovation materials (see the post here), and we've used every one of these to our advantage.

We've also been deep in the planning stages to make sure everything is done correctly.  We've got floor plans approved by my structural engineer, so we're nearly ready to start demolition!

I'll post pics along the way, but here's a glimpse of our current plan:

Stay tuned for more!  (And in the meantime, if you know of someone who wants to live in a charming old home in the Marmalade neighborhood, send them my way!)

August 1, 2014

Design for a Difference Regional Winner!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm a regional winner in the Design For A Difference design contest!  This means we'll receive $2,000 to work with Foremost Interiors for a makeover of our chosen charity, Bicycle Collective.  I'm so excited to be able to support this great cause!

The Bicycle Collective is a local non-profit, whose mission is to "promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households."  The concept is a no-brainer:  There are people who can really benefit from having a bike and being able to maintain it themselves, and the Bicycle Collective makes it happen, and has a whole lot of fun while doing so.  

Aside from supporting the Bicycle Collective, as a regional winner I also get to travel to Kansas City, where all regional winners will spend time with Mark Brunetz (of HGTV fame) and other International Design Guild participants, working on the Grand Prize winner's chosen charity makeover.  

July 22, 2014

Sneak Peek: Living Room

Just a couple quick photos of a room in progress.  We still need art and finishing touches, but the furniture and rug already make the room look fantastic!  

3 typically traditional elements used in a modern way:
  1. Tufted velvet sofa in a bold color 
  2. Extra-large nailhead trim on the chairs
  3. Large scale pattern and contrast in the black & white damask rug 

June 16, 2014


Just a quick post, but I wanted to share.  I was recently lucky enough to snag a painting by a friend of mine, one of my favorite people.  She paints for fun, and I love her work.  It just so happens that she had this piece, an "extra", and I got to claim it.  It almost seems as if it were created with my master bath in mind.

I love a home full of art, but more importantly, I love having art that means something to me.  Whether it's the content, or the story behind how I got it, or the person who created it... it's special.  We don't have a lot of expensive art in our home, but we have pieces we love.  And they're priceless to us.

I'm thrilled to now have this piece in our collection!  So Cora, if you read this, thank you!