June 13, 2016

Eclectic Bungalow Kitchen

There's a saying:  "Don't mix business with pleasure."  But I disagree.  As long as you stay professional and set expectations in advance, it can be a very positive experience.  Case in point: These clients are good friends of mine.  Because of this, I've gotten to see them REALLY use and enjoy their kitchen, and I've experienced first-hand the impact it has on their family and their everyday life. Also, since we are friends and have some similar tastes, it was extra fun to work with them!

We removed a wall, shifted the layout, and upgraded everything.  What a difference!

Because the kitchen expanded into the dining room, we pushed the dining space to the corner, with a great built-in bench.  We were invited for dinner and easily fit 4 adults and 3 kids with room to spare. (Custom seat cushion and extra dining chairs are on order - will update post with new pics.)

The great thing about white kitchens is that you essentially have a blank canvas, and then you add personality and style through the tile, hardware, lighting, etc.  In this case, there are 2 major showstoppers:  

1)  Backsplash:  The client loved look of Heath Ceramics, and they also loved the company and had previous experience with their products.  This backsplash tile is a work of art! 

2)  Reclaimed Wood:  We wanted a warm eclectic look so we were exploring various reclaimed wood options on the peninsula.  This mix of 3 different colors from Stikwood was the perfect solution!

And to really truly show the transformation, here are some before photos:

And a rendering we did of the proposed space during the design phase:
Props to Justin Bates Construction for making it real!