March 16, 2010

What I'm Seeing in New Home Design Trends - Part 2: Mudrooms & Laundry / Craft Rooms

from HGTV, designed by Gail Drury

To continue the new home trends... I'm seeing an evolution in Mudrooms and Laundry Rooms.  It's all about convenience, storage, and organization.  But with a twist - these rooms have more personality than ever.  The utilitarian industrial look is gone, and has been replaced with a warmer more comfortable feel.  Whether traditional or modern, these areas can have a lot of style. 

from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

These days Laundry Rooms are for more than just laundry. Craft areas are often integrated into Laundry Rooms as well. Therefore I'm seeing more furniture: tables, chairs, sofas... anything to make the room more comfortable.

from DecorPad

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