December 18, 2015

Park City Great Room Remodel

We love a good remodeling project, especially when the Before photos really show the dramatic change.  This is the perfect Before & After project to showcase!   We're grateful that we have projects like this to add to our portfolio.  On top of that, the clients are wonderful and fun people, so we really lucked out with this one!

There once was a wall at the top of the stairs:

And there was a small kitchen behind that wall:

We removed that wall, added a giant beam, and drastically opened up the space!

This is now what you see when you go up the stairs:

And this is the view from the Living Room:

We also got creative with the closet/desk wall, which used to look like this:

We maximized the unused nooks & crannies, and now it looks like this:

Complete with built-in coffeemaker, double ovens, and plenty of pantry space.  We even added a small appliance center, where items like the toaster can be used in place.  No plugging / unplugging or moving required!

And while we were at it, we replaced the railing to better fit the new design.  I love the details and the craftsmanship:

Special credit to the following people for being willing to work with us and our picky requirements for flooring, custom cabinetry finish, and the difficult challenge of making the tall wall of cabinets fit the way we wanted.

General Contractor:  Wade Brinton, Brinton Homes
Cabinetry:  Preston Tilby, Paramount Cabinets

Photo Credit:  Lucy Call

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