June 20, 2012

Another Fantastic Find at NeoCon

It's the little things in life....  Of all the beautiful products and materials at NeoCon, I think I got the most giddy when I came across these beautiful outlet and switch devices and cover plates.

Square openings, creative designs for the rocker switches, and electronic touch switches too.  The devices themselves are super cool.  As a bonus you get an seemingly endless supply of cover plates to choose from.  From glass to metal to wood to stone to high-gloss acrylic... even plates covered in Swarovski crystals!  

In kitchen and bath design, outlets and switches can often ruin a tile backsplash if not done correctly.  While sometimes I can convince a client to use plugmold strips recessed underneath the cabinet to hide the outlets (as we did in this kitchen), that's not always the case.  And though I love all the great colors that Lutron has, it's nice to know there are even more designer options out there.  With these sexy styles, it's almost tempting to make the outlets a focal point in the backsplash (which I've never said before)!

I have to confess, I found these at the end of the day.  Exhausted by this point, I only stopped for a minute, drooled a little bit, took a couple photos, and swiped my id badge so I'd get more information later.  Then we continued on in search of cocktails (because this is NeoCon and that's what you do).

I couldn't find everything shown here online, but I did stumble upon this great pdf that shows all the great ways you can use home automation switches (and remotes and smart phones) to control lighting and window treatments in your home.  It gives examples of how it would make your life easier throughout the day, and also on a room-by-room basis.

I can't wait to get more information about these products, and will share it with all of you when I do.