May 3, 2012

KBIS Eye Candy

While my previous post was my soapbox, in this post I promise you fewer words and more photos.

Things that caught my attention at KBIS:

I'm loving the new & updated cabinet accessories.  Hafele now has walnut(-look) accessories, like the plate racks and peg boards below.

Another Hafele piece:  Their lift mechanism typically used for TV's was installed behind a shallow wall cabinet, and lowered into the backsplash area to reveal spices and knives.  How creative is that?

Robern has new vanity sizes.  At only 30"w x 18" deep, there's a surprising amount of storage space in that cabinet!  And check out the outlet in the front of the drawer.

I always love the Element Designs booth.  Shelves with integral LED lights:

More Element Designs:  Their aluminum frames (available in black, white, and oil-rubbed bronze, in addition to the standard aluminum finish) have several profiles.  And not only do they offer Parapan (a high-gloss acrylic insert that I love), but now they've teamed up with 3-form to offer even more insert options.

I really want to use one of their aluminum cabinet bases.

Not just cabinet accessories, but sink accessories too.  Both sinks from Kohler:

 And I did a lot of drooling at the Toto booth:

Check out the LED-lit lavatory (and mirror)

 More & more possibilities for curbless showers and semi-enclosed glass doors/panels:

Another glass enclosure & linear drain from Fleurco:

And then, just for fun, I loved some of the creative details in the "Contained" exhibit.
Light fixture made from quartz countertop samples and what I believe to be Plumen designer CFL bulbs:

Light fixture from beer bottles:

A floor-mounted faucet for the dog's water:


  1. WOW! There is some super cool stuff there. I agree you need to do an install with the Element Designs base.

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