March 23, 2011

Before & After: White Kitchen Remodel

I'm really proud of the outcome of this kitchen remodel.  It's beautiful and bright and just plain happy.  But you don't get the full sense of this space until you see before photos and realize the major layout changes that made this kitchen what it is.

The large opening shown above used to be this brick wall:

The powder room (the closed white door to the left) used to be straight off the kitchen, directly across from the refrigerator: 

Now the powder room (still in the same location) is in a corridor just off the kitchen:

The doorway location from the dining room (to the right in the photo) prevented any deep base cabinets, and therefore the space by the window wasn't very functional: 

Now the doorway has been relocated to the right side of that wall, allowing for a working kitchen uninterrupted by traffic flow:

Quite a difference, huh?  Not to mention the layout aspects you can't see - how we made sure each cabinet was as functional as possible, so everything had it's place.  More after photos to come in another post...

Architect:  Tom Buese
Contractor:  Sam Sampinos