August 20, 2010

Living Room Color Palette

I've been so busy lately there's just been no time for posting. I'm meeting with new clients, finishing up with older clients, and right smack in the middle of working with other clients. It's crunch time for so many people - needing to get everything done before birthdays, new babies, Thanksgiving, ski season, whatever... they're all in a rush. AND I'm going to be in Madison, Wisconsin next week at the Sub-Zero / Wolf headquarters, learning everything there is to know about cooking on their products. So, life is crazy!

Rather than a big long post, I'm leaving you with a photo I absolutely love, which has now become our inspiration for our living room color palette. Grays, natural woods, and bright pops of orange and yellow. Perfect. The new grasshopper chair fabric, which is on order, will fit beautifully with this color scheme.

Have a great week everyone! I'll be better at blogging once the rush is over.
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